Steering Committee in Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, and Tools MUSEPAT 2013

Hope to see you all in

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Gave a two day seminar in Tampare on inventing

Taught students and professors what to do with an idea, how to improve it and sell it. The seminar URL is

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Inventor summary about me in Intellectual Ventures site

Inventor Spotlite

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Won a best paper award in SSBSE

My paper “Highly Scalable Multi Objective Test Suite Minimisation Using Graphics Cards” with Shin Yoo and Mark Harman won best paper award in SSBSE 2011

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Talks in Hawaii

Gave a one and a half hour technical briefing in ICSE 2011 on what software engineers should know about patents.  Also gave a paper there on coverage.

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Shmuel Ur Innovations Ltd.

Shmuel Ur Innovations Ltd. is a consulting company headed by Dr. Shmuel Ur.

Shmuel has a wide range of experience in industry and academia. He supplies services in the areas of IP and software engineering, and the interaction between the two.

What Dr. Shmuel Ur can do for you

  • Help your company transform your IP into high value patents by mentoring your inventors
  • Teach your engineers, via courses and workshops, effective and proven software engineering techniques* with the goal of producing high quality software
  • Assess and improving your company’s software engineering and software quality practices
  • Assist your startup by generating a strong IP portfolio, thereby increasing the company’s value at exit time
  • Suggest novel and valuable ideas for your startup or project

*Tutorials include software and hardware coverage, review and inspection techniques, and
methods for developing and testing concurrent software

What Shmuel does

Dr. Ur has vast experience in creating IP. Specifically, Dr. Ur consults for companies and helps them build their IP portfolio, both by inventing for them and by mentoring local inventors. Dr. Ur has provided many consultations explaining how companies can improve their patenting process.

Dr. Ur is a former IBM Master Inventor. He has fifteen years’ experience in the areas of coverage in all its aspects: code and functional, hardware and software, unit and large systems, sequential and concurrent. Dr. Ur developed a large number of coverage tools himself, and many other tools were developed by others based on his research both in IBM and in other software and hardware companies.

Dr. Ur has given many courses and consultations in coverage, ranging in length from one hour to a full week.

Since 2001, Dr. Ur has been involved in practical research in the area of testing concurrent software, which resulted in tools (ConTest) and methodology for testing concurrent software. He has given tutorials on this tool and methodology both in IBM and a number of other companies.

Dr. Ur was part of the team that developed the Selective Homeworkless Review technique and has taught many full-week seminars in which groups learned how to adopt this innovative and effective technique.

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