Invited Talks — A Selection

  • Testing Multi-threaded Java Programs: From a Research Project to User Requests, MIT, November 2002
  • Gave a presentation on Concurrency to Intentia Sweden, January 2004
  • Testing Multithreaded Applications with ConTest, LLNL, June 2005
  • Testing Multithreaded Applications with ConTest, NASA, June 2005
  • Review Techniques for Concurrent and Distributed Code using Contest, NASA, June 2005
  • Finding Concurrent Bugs Before your Customers, Centro de Investigato em Informatica e Tecnologias da Informaco, CITI Lisboa, Portugal, September 2006
  • Toward Self-Healing of Concurrent Programs, Universita’ degli Studi di Milano, Bicocca, February 2007
  • Companies in Israel including Rafael (multiple times), Comverse, Microsoft, Mercury, and Ness
  • Testing Concurrent Software, Tel Aviv University, May 2007
  • Invited talks at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (multiple presentations)
  • Invited talk at Microsoft Research, Seattle, July 2008
  • Invited talk at Amazon, Seattle, July 2008
  • Gave a talk on Testing in Dagstuhl, August 2008
  • Keynote speech at the Memics conference, 2008
  • Invited talk at Nokia, December 2008

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