Employment History

1994-2010   IBM Research – Haifa, Israel
IBM Master Inventor in Research

Experience summary:  I worked on fostering innovation in IBM in a number of roles.  In addition to my personal patents–for which I was granted the title of Master Inventor–I frequently helped others with inventing.  I was consulted regularly by people from the Haifa Lab on innovation. I started and led the Innovation Club with roughly one hundred participants from the lab.  I helped the IBM Intellectual Property team improve the IBM patent process as a leader of the IBM academy task force.  I helped IP design tools for evaluating patent portfolios and patent trends.  I actively improved the research in my own technical areas while mentoring and encouraging people to write papers.

2007–2010: Project leader of system test projects with research labs in Poughkeepsie and Austin.  Worked on many ways in which coverage—code and functional—can be used to help system test

2000-2010: Member and research lead in ConTest, which is an umbrella project for developing tools and methodology in testing, debugging, and review of concurrent code as well as coverage for concurrent and sequential software. In addition my activities included customer support and developing group strategy and presentations.

2005-2009: Initiator and project leader of the EU concurrency task of the SHADOWS project, which developed new methodology, technology, and tools for self-healing concurrent programs.

1994-2000: Project leader of the functional coverage project. After inventing functional coverage and carrying out proof of concept at customer sites, I was the project leader of a team that developed a new coverage methodology based on functional coverage and a series of tools that implement the methodology. The new methodology is now being used by several sites in IBM and for design verification and software testing.  This methodology is also implemented in tools and is used outside IBM.

1998–2010:  Teaching tutorials on testing concurrent software, on coverage, on reviews and on pairwise testing.  The tutorials varied in length from a day to a week and were given in many locations including Germany, England, China, Israel, and the US; inside IBM, externally in conferences, and for commercial companies for a fee.

1998–2010: In 1998 I joined the ITCL (later the QSE), the governing body in IBM for software engineering methodology as a representative of the Research Division.  Among other activities I was in charge of the coverage committee and am still consulted regularly within IBM on this subject for both software and hardware.

1982-1985  Operation Research, IDF, Israel

Responsible for the design and development of scenarios that allow using computer simulation to evaluate different combat situations.  This includes the computer simulation and research as to the relevant methodologies.  In yearly reserve duty in the years since, I have written research papers that assess different scenarios.

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