Conference Papers

Refereed Papers in Conference Proceedings

  1. M  Goldstein, O Shehory, R Tzoref-Brill, S Ur: Improving throughput via slowdowns. ICSE (2) 2010: 11-20
  2. Y  Adler, E  Farchi, M  Klausner, D  Pelleg, O  Raz, M  Shochat, Shmuel Ur, A  Zlotnick: Automated substring hole analysis. ICSE Companion 2009: 203-206
  3. Y  Adler, E  Farchi, M  Klausner, D  Pelleg, O  Raz, M Shochat, Shmuel Ur, A  Zlotnick: Advanced code coverage analysis using substring holes. ISSTA 2009: 37-46
  4. E  Trainin, Y  Nir-Buchbinder, R  Tzoref-Brill, A  Zlotnick, S  Ur, E  Farchi: Forcing small models of conditions on programm interleaving for detection of concurrent bugs. PADTAD 2009
  5. B  Krena, Z  Letko, Y  Nir-Buchbinder, R  Tzoref-Brill, Shmuel Ur, T  Vojnar: A Concurrency Testing Tool and Its Plug-Ins for Dynamic Analysis and Runtime Healing. RV 2009: 101-114
  6. R Tzoref, S Ur, E Yom-Tov, S Hoory, Automatic debugging of concurrent programs through active sampling of low dimensional random projections, ASE 2008: 307-316
  7. Y  Adler, D Blue, T Conti, R  Prewitt, S  Ur: Evaluating Workloads Using Comparative Functional Coverage. Haifa Verification Conference 2008: 84-98
  8. E Farchi, S Ur: Selective Homeworkless Reviews. ICST 2008: 404-413
  9. Y. Nir-Buchbinder, R. Tzoref and S. Ur, Deadlocks: from Exhibiting to Healing. Proceedings of the 2008 Runtime Verification workshop, Springer, 2008.
  10. Y. Eytani, R. Tzoref and S. Ur, Experience with a Concurrency Bugs Benchmark. Proceedings of the 2008 TESTBENCH workshop, IEEE digital library, 2008.
  11. Y Nir-Buchbinder,  S Ur, ConTest listeners: a concurrency-oriented infrastructure for Java test and heal tools, SOQUA ’07: Fourth international workshop on Software quality assurance, 2007, 9—16
  12. S  Ur, R  Tzoref, E  Yom-Tov: Instrumenting where it hurts – an automatic concurrent debugging technique, ISSTA 2007
  13. B Krena, Z Letko, R Tzoref, S Ur, T Vojnar:  data races on the fly, PADTAD 2007
  14. S Ur, Y Nir-Buchnik: ConTest Listeners: A Concurrency-Oriented Infrastructure for Java Test and Heal Tools, SUQUA 2007
  15. Y Ben-Asher, Y Eytani, E Farchi, S Ur: Producing scheduling that causes concurrent programs to fail, PADTAD 2006
  16. Shmuel Ur, Eyal Bin, Yaron Wolfsthal: Hardware and Software Verification and Testing, First International Haifa Verification Conference, Haifa, Israel, November 13-16, 2005, Revised Selected Papers Springer 2006
  17. Y Ben-Asher, Y Eytani, E Farchi, S Ur: Noise Makers Need to Know Where to be Silent – Producing Schedules that Find Bugs, ISOLA 2006
  18. Eitan Farchi, Yaniv Eytani, Shmuel Ur and Yossi-Ben Asher, Noise Makers Need to Know Where to be Silent – How to Produce Schedules that Find Bugs;  TV06
  19. Shady Copty, Shmuel Ur, Toward Automatic Concurrent Debugging Via Minimal Program Mutant Generation with AspectJ;  TV06
  20. Shady Copty, Shmuel Ur: Multi-threaded Testing with AOP Is Easy, and It Finds Bugs!. Euro-Par 2005: 740-749
  21. Dan Quinlan, Shmuel Ur, Richard W. Vuduc: An Extensible Open-Source Compiler Infrastructure for Testing. Haifa Verification Conference 2005: 116-133
  22. Arkady Bron, Eitan Farchi, Yonit Magid, Yarden Nir, Shmuel Ur: Applications of synchronization coverage. PPOPP 2005: 206-212
  23. Marina Biberstien, Eitan Farchi and Shmuel Ur, Fidgeting till the point of no return, PADTAD 2004
  24. Yaniv Eitani, Shmuel Ur, Generating a benchmark of documented multi-threaded bugs, PADTAD 2004
  25. S. Fine, S. Ur, A. Ziv, “Probabilistic regression suites for functional verification”, in Proceedings of the 41st Design Automation Conference, pages 49-54, June 2004.
  26. Eitan Farchi, Yarden Nir, Shmuel Ur, Concurrent Bug Patterns and How to Test Them, PADTAD (2003)
  27. Orit Edelstein, Eitan Farchi, Evgeny Goldin, Yarden Nir, Gil Ratsaby, Shmuel Ur: Framework for testing multi-threaded Java programs. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 15(3-5): 485-499 (2003)
  28. Klaus Havelund, Scott Stoller, Shmuel Ur, Benchmark and Framework for Encouraging Research on Multi-threaded Testing Tools, PADTAD 2003–06–10
  29. Marina Biberstein, Eitan Farchi, Shmuel Ur, Choosing Among Alternative Pasts: PADTAD 2003
  30. Ur and A. Ziv, “Cross-Fertilization between Hardware Verification and Software Testing”, in Software Engineering and Applications (SEA), November 2002.
  31. Orit Edelstein, Eitan Farchi, Evgeny Golden, Yarden Nir, Gil Ratsaby and Shmuel Ur, ConTest – A User’s Perspective: AQUIS (2002)
  32. Gil Ratsaby, Baruch Sterin, Shmuel Ur: Improvements in Coverability Analysis. FME 2002: 41-56
  33. E. Marcus, O. Lachish, S. Ur and A. Ziv, “Hole Analysis for Functional Coverage Data”, in The 39th Design Automation Conference, pages 807-812, New Orleans, June 2002.
  34. G. Nativ, S. Mittermaier, S. Ur and A. Ziv, “Cost Evaluation of Coverage Directed Test Generation for the IBM Mainframe” in International Test Conference (ITC), pages 793-802, October 2001.
  35. Gil Ratzaby, Shmuel Ur, Yaron Wolfsthal: Coverability Analysis Using Symbolic Model Checking. CHARME 2001: 155-160
  36. Orit Edelstein, Eitan Farchi, Yarden Nir, Gil Ratsaby, Shmuel Ur: Multithreaded Java program test generation. Java Grande 2001:
  37. A. Hartman, S. Ur and A. Ziv, “Short Vs. Long, Size Does Make a Difference”, in High-level Design, Verification and Testing Workshop, San Diego, November 1999,
  38. Shmuel Ur, Eitan Farchi, A Case Study on Improving the Test Design Process and Automating Testing using Functional Models: EuroSTAR99 (1999)
  39. Shmuel Ur, Yaov Yadin: Micro Architecture Coverage Directed Generation of Test Programs. DAC 1999: 175-180 (also HLDVT 99)
  40. R. Grinwald, E. Harel, M. Orgad, S. Ur and A. Ziv, “User Defined Coverage – A Tool Supported Methodology for Design Verification”, in The 35th Design Automation Conference, pages 158-163, June 1998.
  41. Orell Dror, Karni Zachi, Shmuel Ur, Using 3D to Visualize Dynamic Path Coverage, QW98 (1998)
  42. Eitan Farchi, Michael Factor, Shmuel Ur: RiRigorous testing using snapshot: Eighth Israeli Conference on Computer Systems and Software Engineering (1997)
  43. Shmuel Ur, Erez Buchnik, On Minimizing Regression Suites using Online Set Cover – EuroStar97  (1997)
  44. Erez Buchnik, Shmuel Ur, Compacting Regression-Suites On-The-Fly: Joint Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference and International Computer Science Conference (1997)
  45. Daniel Lewin, Dean Lorenz, Shmuel Ur: A Methodology for Processor Implementation Verification. FMCAD 1996: 126-142
  46. Daniel Geist, Monica Farkas, Avner Landver, Yossi Lichtenstein, Shmuel Ur, Yaron Wolfsthal: Coverage-Directed Test Generation Using Symbolic Techniques. FMCAD 1996: 143-158
  47. Venkatesh Naryan, Shmuel Ur, Scheduling Using Artificial Order Restrictions: Combinatorial Optimization 96 (CO96)
  48. Shmuel Ur, Michael Factor, Eitan Farchi, Alon Gluska, Using Snapshot to Implement Hierarchy of Criteria: International Workshop on Computer Aided Design, Test and Evaluation for Dependability (1996)
  49. Shmuel Ur, authoring the apendix to a paper by Howard B. Richman, James J. Staszewski, and Herbert A. Simon, Simulation of Expert Memory Using EPAM IV, Psychological Review 1995, Vol. 102, No. 2, 305-330
  50. Venkatesh Narayan, Shmuel Ur, Simulation the effects of Policies and Laws on Organ Transplants, International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS) (1993)
  51. Shmuel Ur, Analysis of Online Algorithms for Organ Allocation: Management Sciences Research Report No. 579. GSIA, CMU (1993)
  52. Shmuel Ur, Michael Trick, Daniel Dominic Sleator: Analysis of Online Algorithms for Organ Allocation. IFIP Congress (1) 1992: 458-464

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